Should We Read Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is a name that most everyone reading this will assuredly recognize. A playwright of many tragedies, comedies, and mixtures of both, Shakespeare was most well-known for his ability to change up the typical drama and literary conventions during the time of his livelihood which was the late 1500s and very early 1600s. SomeContinue reading “Should We Read Shakespeare?”

Windflower & Gingham

They say never take anything for what it seems but your wandering brought you here. You never left once you came. Present always in this moment. Let us take it as it were not once thinking. But still knowing in hearts of gold when we are nothing that this was the stuff of dreams. WhenContinue reading “Windflower & Gingham”

if an answer

in the darkness behind closing doors searching for something vivid colors always stay true these are not days to despair doom and shadow tight like grasping hands hoping in search of something they are people more than not reaching out if a savior show them mercy knowing no monsters at heart live in darkness whenContinue reading “if an answer”

Tips for Creativity

Creativity is a necessary skill in many fields of life. Finding a creative solution to any number of unanswered questions is a talent that not many people have. Being able to be creative and harness your skills is helpful, yet immensely difficult. Seeing the illusive nature of creativity, it might even seem somewhat hypocritical andContinue reading “Tips for Creativity”

New Days

Dawn light on water. Song welcoming day The loons are quiet. Laughing together Never weighed down or tired All hands intertwined. The lake people sing. They dance with their campfire. New days come and go How are they to ever stop When the singing is their love? The sun shines for them Always theirs EvenContinue reading “New Days”


It’s a drowning, suffocating, horrible mess Chaos in the unknown and beauty in the not knowing. Look at how far we’ve come, Wondering if this is what we meant when we started. Days to dust, past, present, and future, Entertwined Strings tangled More beautiful and yet infinitely complicated Quicker than I would like But timeContinue reading “Foreshortened”


Winding through the city Leading us home Wishing to bear fewer feet Dreaming of travelling down to destination Knowing that for each wanderer reaching journey’s end The road is more worn, Beaten and tarnished, Stepped over in the hopes of making it home. The road bears a heavy burden Wishing to be a star. InContinue reading “Tracks”

child of mercy

while the world withered she shone wisps of fire spinning and sputtering a light when all else fell quiet somber and unforgiving crushing and heavy pressure endless against the glass walls of a bulb before it breaks while the world withered she shone everything her hand touched turned to gold all fires sputtering and lightsContinue reading “child of mercy”


Before my worst fears came true it was never about having enough time because the world was eternal. Limitless, flying, forever. When it finally came, the crash burnt hot. No floating but falling, dying. Lonely, never forgetting all of the things we used to do before the stars fell; life out of reach. I promiseContinue reading “Journeying”

Immortality’s Binding

it seems we’re born only to die and DEATH collects us when he says we’re done our mortal bodies bloodied and broken we’re screaming crying kicking as we go only wishing for one more goodbye DEATH comes as all things do when you are as finite as us when my clock has gone its lastContinue reading “Immortality’s Binding”