moon lover, star gazer

we’re at the bottom of a well / looking through to the heavens / why are you crying? you’re like the sun honey / the sun

why are you crying? / i’m here. i’m right here. /

every staple on the telephone pole was once a cat who was lost / found. / a rock band looking for a new guitarist / found. / a fear seeking its resolution

/ and found. /

you’re like the sun honey / you’re asking about how things are back at home? but you are home. / found. / peace of the moon lover / grace of star gazer / heart of sun chaser / warmth in us / i want to be here / found. /

do not ask / could things have been different? / stop running from it / you are like the sun / stop running from what you seek to give / you are the sun; found in the passionate heat of your difference.

/ at the bottom of the well / we look through to the heavens / you are why /

/ we let ourselves be lost. /

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