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Thirty-seven. When the eyes scour the photo, they will notice, however unconsciously, that the photographed hands hold each in thirty-seven places. No matter whose eyes look at it, no matter what species will find the photo, they will be amazed by it.  On the…

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Late Night Porch Talks

Stars, don’t be scared to linger; this starts and stops with you. So don’t leave, don’t be scared. This is only part of us, long before we bury it. Outlive a moment, and forget. Moon, can you hear me? Do you care to listen?…

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Somewhere, Out There

habitual days and days when nothing is new in the way it once was beneath some warm sun, interstellar more than I will ever know this direction, this path, these places feel aimless in their is days like these when it is all…

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Hazel J. Hall

I am an emerging disabled-queer writer and poet based in rural New Hampshire.

Right now, I am pursuing an English degree while working on my first novel.

When I’m not writing, I love taking photos, making music, and working on film projects.