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If you must ever go, enter my life gently. Transcendant forever. Crossing walls, wishing they weren’t real. Weren’t felt by us. Our friendship. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know. If it wasn’t ours, it could never end; never begin. Beautiful, while fleeting but terrifying…

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at dawn

we sit on the docks waves pushing and pulling against the pier coming and going as we lose all our days tomorrows and todays years and years lead us here, all testament to our loneliness craze. Poetry and photography by Hazel J. Hall.

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The Brown-headed Cowbird

A female brown-headed cowbird will lay her eggs in another nest, hoping they will be taken care of. Not enough food to go around,one too many screaming, screeching heads. Of young nestling beaks, still opening wide, never satisfied. The mother bluebird hunts twice as…

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Some Dancing Birds

Jungle mist clinging to the edge of the woods. Of brightly colored flowers and feathers amongst the chaos of the trees. Birds hoping to survive for their purpose of having the most wonderful, well-kept downy. Perfection is an expectation, though an unknown concept to…

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In Our Age

Content warning: this poem was written about my experiences at school with threats of danger made by other students against other students. It might be upsetting/triggering to others who have similar experiences or know someone who has had similar experiences. Please read carefully. Thank…

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How to Fly

Extending the wings of their newfound body, the baby cardinals open their fledgling feathers to the breeze. The ground, far beneath their feet, terrorizes their early thoughts; looking into the void of spiraling wilderness and wildlife. The universe is as big as the forest.…

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