Their Pasture

He tilts his head up towards the sun, looking through the trees as light filters through their branches. The sheep looks around the pasture, luscious and glowing golden. He is swaying in the quiet breeze that brushes past him in a gentle embrace. He remembers many years ago, when the hurricane came through and destroyedContinue reading “Their Pasture”

Sixty Minutes Mortal

The goddess played with the elixir in her hands, watching as the liquid sloshed back and forth against the glass walls of the bottle. The golden glowing potion called her name. Temptation was always her most dangerous game but, oh, she would be lying if she said it wasn’t the most fun. A cork closedContinue reading “Sixty Minutes Mortal”

In Our Age

Content warning: this poem was written about my experiences at school with threats of danger made by other students against other students. It might be upsetting/triggering to others who have similar experiences or know someone who has had similar experiences. Please read carefully. Thank you, and please continue to stay safe. IThe sound of shoesContinue reading “In Our Age”


Previously published by After the Pause for their final issue. My robot greets me as I enter the kitchen. It’s shaped like a dog, and it barks, too. On a platter it carries a granola bar gone two years stale. I take a bite. Cardboard flavor. “Welcome to Day 2456,” the robot dog says inContinue reading “Machinery”