An Exploration of Wonder

The following is a creative portfolio made in an attempt to discover what it truly means to be in awe. To have your soul be so touched by an experience that you have transcended into a state of wonder. Created in its entirety by Hazel J. Hall. Anatomy of a Rainy Day People screaming as […]


Between the wire-barbed bar, lens cap of his life, he can see a worker approaching his cage. This time, she does not offer him food. She reaches for the sign above his cage (“Puppy for Sale”) and pulls it down, the replacement already under-arm. “Dog for Sale; Marked Down.” Partially paid for by what it […]

Tell Us How You Feel

I’m sitting on a city bench, running on empty. Whatever vividness used to live here has just. Burned out. That space of empty space. Lost in something I have lost. It’s a feeling not like ice, but ash asking, “Where do I go from here?” And then staring at the ground beneath my feet. Losing […]

When We Are Reclaimed

Slow-dancing to jazz, they waltz down the street, framed by an orange sky.  It’s the end of the world; the cries of deep voices mix indiscriminately with shrill ones, reverberating endlessly down the road. Dark figures, veiled in the unknown of shadow, watch from buildings far back as the lovers dance across the asphalt. The […]

Hazel J. Hall

I am an emerging disabled-queer writer and poet based in rural New Hampshire.

Right now, I am pursuing an English degree while working on my first novel.

When I’m not writing, I love taking photos, making music, and working on film projects.