Oceania: The Last Beach

Humanity had lessened since its peak of billions; selfishness proved to be as mortal as they were. Now there is only one beach. One final shore before the abyss of clouds. Sky void remnants of what no longer shines. A woman stands before the water. Her toes feel the sand. Plastic. It feels like plastic. […]

Same Tunes, New Radio

there comes a time when the memory is so vivid it turns a double truth  the grape pain meds and the stinging burn when it goes down  dulled by time  it all comes back when the music plays. remember when it was only words? the noises and these pitches have since become us  every sound […]


When the car headlights flash against the ceramic flowerpot, still sitting on the corner of the porch where you left it, I see your green feline eyes. Still waiting where I left them. Whoever first said black cats were unlucky never got to meet you. Every time I cried, you found all the hurting places. […]

After the Breath is Music

he sits atthe edge of his stool. atthe end of things.a tumultuous tower beforethe edge of void, pressing in;a piano key hit beforethe void of whatwe do not know. every sightto be seen stares back at us now.him pressing those keys,playing piano, head tossed back gazing up to sky and seeing our lasting resonanceour closing […]