If you must ever go, enter my life gently. Transcendant forever. Crossing walls, wishing they weren’t real. Weren’t felt by us. Our friendship. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know. If it wasn’t ours, it could never end; never begin. Beautiful, while fleeting but terrifying while uninsured. Have I graced you as you have me? TheContinue reading “LOVE,”

The Brown-headed Cowbird

A female brown-headed cowbird will lay her eggs in another nest, hoping they will be taken care of. Not enough food to go around,one too many screaming, screeching heads. Of young nestling beaks, still opening wide, never satisfied. The mother bluebird hunts twice as much, twice as hard. She is always tired when she comesContinue reading “The Brown-headed Cowbird”

Some Dancing Birds

Jungle mist clinging to the edge of the woods. Of brightly colored flowers and feathers amongst the chaos of the trees. Birds hoping to survive for their purpose of having the most wonderful, well-kept downy. Perfection is an expectation, though an unknown concept to the bird, who knows each belief or instinct or natural inclinationContinue reading “Some Dancing Birds”

Sixty Minutes Mortal

The goddess played with the elixir in her hands, watching as the liquid sloshed back and forth against the glass walls of the bottle. The golden glowing potion called her name. Temptation was always her most dangerous game but, oh, she would be lying if she said it wasn’t the most fun. A cork closedContinue reading “Sixty Minutes Mortal”

In Our Age

Content warning: this poem was written about my experiences at school with threats of danger made by other students against other students. It might be upsetting/triggering to others who have similar experiences or know someone who has had similar experiences. Please read carefully. Thank you, and please continue to stay safe. IThe sound of shoesContinue reading “In Our Age”

How to Fly

Extending the wings of their newfound body, the baby cardinals open their fledgling feathers to the breeze. The ground, far beneath their feet, terrorizes their early thoughts; looking into the void of spiraling wilderness and wildlife. The universe is as big as the forest. Their parents demonstrate the flight technique, urging their young to tryContinue reading “How to Fly”

Kingdom of Earth

Now it storms, snow falling, melting into the cracks and crusts of the Earth, building a kingdom This room will be the palace. The mouse scurries from the falling flakes, cold against her nose. She plunges into her home, digging a throne for her slumber. Coming home empty-pawed, the barn cat will curl beneath theContinue reading “Kingdom of Earth”

Time Bottle

A blip within this moment, within this forever. One grain of sand falling, becoming like all the rest in the hourglass time bottle. Hero heralded to myth of memory, of being known within the folds of this universe; made by each hand yet known to be molded by the few rather than a little bitContinue reading “Time Bottle”

Chickadee (dee) (dee)

evening comesand the little bird sings chickadee-dee-dee. nothing matters in the most wonderful way. soothing waves washing over soft sand beds and children giggling beneath the sun. it’s a game. so they win. stars shine wonderfully unknowing to everything but the beautiful insignificance of the world for now they shine. tomorrow doesn’t matter. Poetry andContinue reading “Chickadee (dee) (dee)”