Time Bottle

A blip within this moment, within this forever. One grain of sand falling, becoming like all the rest in the hourglass time bottle. Hero heralded to myth of memory, of being known within the folds of this universe; made by each hand yet known to be molded by the few rather than a little bitContinue reading “Time Bottle”

Chickadee (dee) (dee)

evening comesand the little bird sings chickadee-dee-dee. nothing matters in the most wonderful way. soothing waves washing over soft sand beds and children giggling beneath the sun. it’s a game. so they win. stars shine wonderfully unknowing to everything but the beautiful insignificance of the world for now they shine. tomorrow doesn’t matter. Poetry andContinue reading “Chickadee (dee) (dee)”


When you look at me do you know how I feel? My mind’s ghost, harrowed spirit, and shadow. Do you know my name? When yesterday was for trust broken do I always have to be disappointeed, will you let me fall? Why, when aren’t we the same? I still remember screaming a name and noContinue reading “Connections”

Stepping Stones

In the way that taking one path can lead to your next footsteps, living is filled with complexity as yesterday’s fights are unyielding, and bleed past midnight. To cross the river, there are many stepping stones you are forced to go over, not all of which grant you with kind gifts. Like many of theContinue reading “Stepping Stones”


Stars live long before twilight waiting eagerly to be noticed beside the sun. Warming the world all the same. And still they cry. Tears of stardust will fall. So many meteors these days on collision course. Why do they have to cry? Why be sad at all when they get to be beside the sun?Continue reading “Orbit”

Growing Wild

As a flower amongst a field lined with gold foil, soon they will pluck her body and pull out her weeds. But for now she breathes as trees sway before the twilight, water bending beneath the sun, dancing leaves falling in symphony. And grass holding to her sides, whispering, I’ve got you; I’m here. TheContinue reading “Growing Wild”

Solar Eclipse of the Heart

A gilded cage wings skipping and fluttering flying with no worry to its name it can’t know of sad songs it would die if it did existing is a symphony of not-forever being there makes bittersweet have meaning when today’s memory can be forgotten. The dark side of the moon will hide its face noContinue reading “Solar Eclipse of the Heart”


Spring is visiting soon and the blade of grass waits eagerly to belong. Small, short, and the only sliver of green amongst the grass that died last fall. Emerging from the earth as the snow melts, seeking to make its home amongst the spring air. So close to being viewed by the sun, touched byContinue reading “Sprouting”

Stranger Mystery

Eyes of a face Intelligent, calculating, cold, or kind It varies with the owner so much I don’t know Emotions or experiences Morals or cares Because it’s a world unexplored Poison gases or oxygen surface I’m digging for answers there are stranger mysteries. Stories more than eyes can tell Battles and wars fought in cavesContinue reading “Stranger Mystery”

Last Beat

final ringing shot echoing as the end of a one-hundred year warhello and goodbye toanother day fearing this fear if it goes away the song’s done too much never enough what if I don’t get more time?echoing and then an end tooscared to hope the fighting’s done for good tomorrow comes withhello and goodbye singContinue reading “Last Beat”