Their Pasture

He tilts his head up towards the sun, looking through the trees as light filters through their branches. The sheep looks around the pasture, luscious and glowing golden. He is swaying in the quiet breeze that brushes past him in a gentle embrace. He remembers many years ago, when the hurricane came through and destroyedContinue reading “Their Pasture”

If the Sun Will Ever Come

I know she’s thinkingI’ll probably die at fourteenas it consumes her often I’ll have no fifteenth birthdayshe tells herselfI will never see sixteenshe murmursseventeen is a lifetime not made for meshe decides I know that she’s thinkingI’ll probably die at fourteenbecause we are oneshe is all the same body and flesh as I she isContinue reading “If the Sun Will Ever Come”

Field of Dreams

In my sleep, I seefields of dreamsfilled with flowers and trees,little bees and cats as tall as me. In my world, the owl singsa silly songand the fish swim through air on wingsunbeknownst to any manbut me. In my dreams, there is no such thingas money and loans and rent.You sleep in the fieldbeside theContinue reading “Field of Dreams”

The Flower’s Journey

Spiraling to the ground, the cherry blossom leaves her home,Falling from the sky and floating all around,Watching sights high and lowBefore she touches down once more. The cherry blossom flies past springtime flowers,And honeybees busy at work.She watches Rain grace Earth with a gentle shower,But in the downpour she shiversFor she is not a wildflowerContinue reading “The Flower’s Journey”