Humanity’s Best Friend

We, as people, need to have interactions with animals. They’re important beings who remind us of our roots in nature and also pull us away from the chaos of this unnatural one. Animals are essential in our lives. From providing us with judgment-free interaction to being cuddly balls of fluff or feathers, animals are there for us, even when it feels like no one else is. And even though we haven’t always treated them well, our animal friends have stood with us through thick and through thin until this very moment.

Particularly throughout the pandemic, it has been notable to see that animals haven’t been given the proper care. Many people brought home animals during quarantine and then returned them, like a pair of shoes too small, or a coat that just doesn’t match.

I don’t have problem with rehoming animals; I actually think that if an unforeseen circumstance occurs within your life and you know that your animal would be safer somewhere else, that it is actually the right choice to rehome a pet. However, when people bring home animals impulsively without a proper plan to care for them, I’m always upset, upset at the twisted culture of this world that treats animals like things that can be bought and sold, commodities that are meaningless once they have fulfilled their base purpose: the happiness of people.

Animals are humanity’s best friend. But what happens to humanity’s friends when we offer them no friendship in return for everything that they give to us?

Especially during the holidays, parents might be willing to buy their children pets as presents, which is only truly problematic when neither parents or their children understand the commitment that they are getting into. A real rabbit may look cute but providing a species that lives 10+ years a subpar life for one holiday surpise, is meaningless, especially when you know that a child would be just as happy to receive a toy bunny that lasts forever but won’t ever suffer when someone is suddenly bored with it.

Animals have been with us throughout so much of documented history. We have worked together and we have built bonds together. And with the holidays coming up, I think it’s important that everyone remembers that animals have time and again given everything to be our best friends. And sometimes, in this bizarre world, we forget to return the favor. So let’s remember.

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