Downy Feathers

I want to live a liveable life
And dream all of my dreams.
But I’m flying
Feathers under my fingers
And seeing sights of gardens and trees.
I want to run on the clouds
But what happens when I fall?
I pretend to be a bird
But what happens when they know
The feathers I show were plucked
And not mine.
Awake, I know.
I believe I’ll escape from here.
I know there are flowers more for me
And gardens to see, real,
Not just in dreams.
But I’m so scared to know
What happens when I fall,
A dreamer without a dream,
Awake without wings
And no places to escape.
I wake in the morning disheartened
But in the night I see dreams
And I just know I’ll get there.
I’ll make it.
Because I’m tired but just wait till I’m

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall

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