When you look at me do you know
how I feel? My mind’s ghost, harrowed spirit,
and shadow. Do you know my name?
When yesterday was for trust
broken do I always have to be disappointeed,
will you let me fall? Why, when aren’t we the same?
I still remember screaming a name and no
answer, called to you and heard nothing.
Nothing? Don’t you remember growing up together?
I don’t know your face yet I look in your eyes and wonder if
you knew what
you’ve made me do. When I was so scared of
disappointing I’d rather run away than let myself
be known by you, be, by some meaning of the world,
loved by you, be choking on the air around you. And then,
like always, I wonder
if my life could have been better if we had never met or if
you could just go away, down the water like leaves on a stream
forgetting the other exists.

Poetry and photography by Hazel J. Hall.

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