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These are an array of blog posts and stories that I have written that I believe describe my writing and editing expertise.

The Art of Song

Music, the form of art which transcends the human boundary of language and the gaps within our understanding. Music, preformed by birds in the wild and by us after years of practice. Music, the art which turns words unspoken into that which is ineffable for forever and always. It is so unknown when a new songContinue reading “The Art of Song”

My Happy Place

In psychology class, my teacher provided us with an activity: we had to write about a place, fictional or real, which would provide us with the maximum amount of emotional wellness or, essentially, the least amount of stress and the most happiness. Many of my classmates said places like the beach, or at the gym, orContinue reading “My Happy Place”

Getting Better

While criticism can be difficult to receive as a creator, there is no feeling worse than working really hard on something and still hating what you’ve made. Self-criticism is a difficult skill to master because, in all honesty, it is likely you will always expect more out of yourself than anyone will ever expect out ofContinue reading “Getting Better”

Immortality’s Binding

it seems we’re born only to die and DEATH collects us when he says we’re done our mortal bodies bloodied and broken we’re screaming crying kicking as we go only wishing for one more goodbye DEATH comes as all things do when you are as finite as us when my clock has gone its last andContinue reading “Immortality’s Binding”

New Days

Dawn light on water. Song welcoming day The loons are quiet. Laughing together Never weighed down or tired All hands intertwined. The lake people sing. They dance with their campfire. New days come and go How are they to ever stop When the singing is their love? The sun shines for them Always theirs Even whenContinue reading “New Days”

Video Editing

These are videos I have edited and uploaded to my own YouTube channel. All accompanying scripts and thumbnails have also been created by me.

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