Blog Posts

The following are an array of blogs that I have written for my creative platform. However, I love writing with a variety of styles and can adapt to many forms of tone based on my work and target audience!

Should We Read Shakespeare?

William Shakespeare is a name that most everyone reading this will assuredly recognize. A playwright of many tragedies, comedies, and mixtures of both, Shakespeare was most well-known for his ability to change up the typical drama and literary conventions during the time of his livelihood which was the late 1500s and very early 1600s. Some of…

My Happy Place

In psychology class, my teacher provided us with an activity: we had to write about a place, fictional or real, which would provide us with the maximum amount of emotional wellness or, essentially, the least amount of stress and the most happiness. Many of my classmates said places like the beach, or at the gym, or…

Getting Better

While criticism can be difficult to receive as a creator, there is no feeling worse than working really hard on something and still hating what you’ve made. Self-criticism is a difficult skill to master because, in all honesty, it is likely you will always expect more out of yourself than anyone will ever expect out of…

Escapism and Fantasy Has Raised Us

Escapism is defined as something which is not so focused on critiquing the world but rather escaping it. While fantasy and escapism do not always go hand in hand, they can, and I will be using the two terms interchangeably. Fantasy worlds, from epic movies to silly video games to great stories, are necessary. While I…

Book Projects

These are examples of books that I have written in collaboration with other freelance companies! I loved this opportunities and always love having a non-fiction project to work on.

Video Editing

These are videos I have edited and uploaded to my own YouTube channel. All accompanying scripts and thumbnails have also been created by me.