Personalized poems written for you! I love working with unique poetry and especially dealing with topics I could have never thought of on my own. Typically, my poems are about 30 to 40 lines, but I am willing to extend or shorten my works based on your needs and vision.
While you can use my poems for whatever you wish after I give them to you, I ask that you do not reshare the work without offering me credit and linking back to my site, hazeljhall.com
Once I give the completed product to you, you are completely free to edit, modify, and change the poems. If you to revise the piece and then share it online, please add that the poem was modified from my original work and also link back to my site. Thank you!

Poem pricing starts at $15.

Pricing breakdown:
– Poems take about one hour to write for 30-40 lines, but this does not include brainstorm and communication times
– I will let you look at the poem and make one round of modifications for free. Every time you want me to make a personal edit, I will add an additional $3 to the final amount.
– I am a small artist and all of the money I make goes directly into supporting my life and welfare

For a 10-40 line poem that required less than one modification, I would charge $15.

If you are very unhappy with the poem I present to you, I will work with you to ensure that you enjoy the product you are paying for.

I will not accept returns on completed poems, although, as stated above, I am very willing to work with you.


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