Editing and Sensitivity Reading

I am willing to edit with just about anybody! I love working through unique projects and helping to fix up the piece, whether it’s wording help, peer review, or a sensitivity reader that you want.
I am very interested in helping to edit arcticles, blogs, and even stories (short, novel length, etc.). I love working with unique areas of English and do my best to offer as much feedback as possible on every project that I am working on.
I may not accept every request, and I will let you know if I don’t think it is my place to help you work on a story/article.
For sensitivity reading, I can help by offering my insight as a disabled and neurodivergent person. I have ADHD, type one diabetes, and celiac, although I am also willing to help you with writing other disabilities as well if I think it is my place to help work with them.
I am also LGBTQIA+. I am personally non-binary, asexual, aromantic (demiromantic specifically), bi/panromantic, and queer as just an overall label. This is stuff I am very passionate and well-versed on, so if you need help ensuring that you are accurately representing LGBTQIA+ characters, I would be very happy to help.
You do not need to give me credit for editing and sensitivity reading help.

Editing starts at $15 an hour.
Sensitivity reading starts at $10 an hour.

Pricing breakdowns:
– While with sensitivity reading I offer extensive feedback, I give criticisms at the end of the work in one big massive email, and it is far more passive than with editing, in which I actively do my best to focus on every sentence. Sensitivity reading also takes me less time overall.
– I screen record my entire work time so that way you can see the editing that I did while offering feedback. It also offers you an extra layer of security because I am always very careful not to overcharge. If you don’t want me to screen record your work for whatever reason, I can simply keep a timer going.
– I am a quick reader and have definitely read 60,000 word books in under 2 hours when I am completely into them. I will take more time if I am editing, but a 60,000 word book that has already been put through a second or third draft, would probably take me about 5 hours. If your book is still on first draft, it will take me a lot longer since I presume there might be more errors.

I will work with you to ensure that I can offer the editing help you want. If I am ever overwhelming you with too many comments, or you want more, shoot me an email and I will gladly work with you to help.
I am willing to work around your needs in whatever way possible, but I sadly can not refund editing/sensitivity reader help.