The Order of Things

When I sit down to create I can’t help but feel Everything’s been done. There are birds and pianos And rocks and maple trees But what in the world is new? Am I too late? When I sit down to create Something already made before I always wonder Which life am I going to writeContinue reading “The Order of Things”

The Mirror

I stare at my face,distorted in mirrored glass. As I look at my eyes and my skin,I can only hopeeveryone sees me differentlythan I do. As I peer into the mirror,I can’t help but wonder:who am I supposed to bewithout you? How am I supposed to be lovedwithout you? Beauty is illusive and exclusive.The selfContinue reading “The Mirror”

I Tried to Publish a Memoir at 16; Here’s How it Went

I started writing a memoir at 16. I thought it seemed like a great idea, and I think I was right. At one point over the past two years, I was describing my wish to write a memoir to someone, and they thought it was a bit silly that someone so young could write aboutContinue reading “I Tried to Publish a Memoir at 16; Here’s How it Went”

I’m Diabetic and I Don’t Want a ‘Cure’

I have been a Type One Diabetic since 2017. It’s been four years ever since I received my diagnosis, and there have been countless moments since then when I have wished for nothing more than to be free of being diabetic. It was in 2020 during quarantine when I started to do more research intoContinue reading “I’m Diabetic and I Don’t Want a ‘Cure’”