Blog Writing

I run my own blog, and I have a ton of fun working through unique projects which interest me. I love creating stuff outside of my interest zone. For samples of what I can create, feel free to look through my own blog! Works in the poetry tag (unless you are looking for poetry) would not be a good example of the blogs I could create for you.
Again, my interests are wide and as a creator I enjoy challenging myself by making things that are different than what I might naturally lean to. If you want me to create a blog and you’re not sure if I’ll take up the work, ask anyway! If I’m not interested in the subject or I feel as though I won’t be able to do it justice, I will be sure to let you know.
Unless you pay the ghost-writing fee, I ask that you give me credit and link back to my website,

Blog writing starts at $15 an hour.
Ghost-writing fee is $20.

Pricing breakdown:
– I charge $15 an hour because blog writing is a very active work, especially if you wish for the post to be entertaining, insightful, and accurate.
– For reference, a 1,000 word piece might take me an hour to write, but this excludes research time, pre-planning, and editing (which is also charged). I would say that, in general, it might take me about 3 hours to write a 1,000 word blog post the whole way through, but you can request to do the editing yourself or any of the other steps on your own if you wish.
– I charge additional for ghost-writing because it means that I, as a small writer, lose agency of my work in the public eye and also get no traffic coming to my site to grow myself in any way. If you do not pay the ghost writing fee, you are not allowed to share my work without credit. If you are a smaller blog without many funds/you are working for a good cause, I may consider waiving/lowering the fee. If you think you could apply for this, please just ask!
I allow for two rounds of modifications for free. If you need more than two modifications on the post, I will charge $5 per edit.

I will not accept returns on written blog posts, but if you are unhappy I will work with you to ensure the blog post is to your satisfaction.

Here are some examples of my work!