The Mirror

I stare at my face,distorted in mirrored glass. As I look at my eyes and my skin,I can only hopeeveryone sees me differentlythan I do. As I peer into the mirror,I can’t help but wonder:who am I supposed to bewithout you? How am I supposed to be lovedwithout you? Beauty is illusive and exclusive.The selfContinue reading “The Mirror”

To All the Birds I’ve Ever Seen

To all the birds I’ve ever seen:you look so pretty in the sky, just floating by,with wings of orange and saffron,bodies of golden brown. To all the birds I’ve ever seen:what would it take for me to bea bird like you? I wish to go away from hereI would like to go away.The sun shinesContinue reading “To All the Birds I’ve Ever Seen”

Field of Dreams

In my sleep, I seefields of dreamsfilled with flowers and trees,little bees and cats as tall as me. In my world, the owl singsa silly songand the fish swim through air on wingsunbeknownst to any manbut me. In my dreams, there is no such thingas money and loans and rent.You sleep in the fieldbeside theContinue reading “Field of Dreams”

The Flower’s Journey

Spiraling to the ground, the cherry blossom leaves her home,Falling from the sky and floating all around,Watching sights high and lowBefore she touches down once more. The cherry blossom flies past springtime flowers,And honeybees busy at work.She watches Rain grace Earth with a gentle shower,But in the downpour she shiversFor she is not a wildflowerContinue reading “The Flower’s Journey”

I Tried to Publish a Memoir at 16; Here’s How it Went

I started writing a memoir at 16. I thought it seemed like a great idea, and I think I was right. At one point over the past two years, I was describing my wish to write a memoir to someone, and they thought it was a bit silly that someone so young could write aboutContinue reading “I Tried to Publish a Memoir at 16; Here’s How it Went”

What it Means to Be Asexual: A Poem

They say asexuality is a lack of sexual feelings but nowhere in me do I lack nowhere in me am I empty. I wish my sexuality wasn’t defined by what I am not. I wish my sexuality wasn’t dictated by feelings I don’t know. For years we wait, the aces and I, to be mentionedContinue reading “What it Means to Be Asexual: A Poem”

What YOU Should Do for Disabled Pride Month

July is Disabled/Disability Pride Month. It doesn’t get a lot of coverage, but, for some of us, it’s a really important time. It’s okay if not every disabled person has pride in themselves at this time. It’s hard to reach that point, and each individual person has hurdles in their own life which may makeContinue reading “What YOU Should Do for Disabled Pride Month”

I’m Diabetic and I Don’t Want a ‘Cure’

I have been a Type One Diabetic since 2017. It’s been four years ever since I received my diagnosis, and there have been countless moments since then when I have wished for nothing more than to be free of being diabetic. It was in 2020 during quarantine when I started to do more research intoContinue reading “I’m Diabetic and I Don’t Want a ‘Cure’”