Article and Feature Writing

Similar to my blog writing, I also enjoy writing articles, whether they are reporting information or just sharing how to take care of a goldfish! I have a wide variety of interests, and especially love spending time writing about disability, LGBTQIA+ rights, animals, photography, writing, etc.
I will not likely take a scientific paper simply because the research and responsibility involved is a lot. I would rather write articles based in human experience, current events, history, and opinion pieces. I will never debate human rights.

Article writing starts at $20 an hour.
Ghost-writing fee is $30.

Price breakdown:
– I charge $20 an hour for my work because article writing is very involved and an incredibly active process since I want to ensure that I do it right.
– If you are a smaller site/publication, I may consider lowering the price to $15 an hour.
– For reference, a 1,000 word piece might take me an hour to write, but this excludes research time, pre-planning, and editing (which is also charged). I would say that, in general, it might take me about 3 hours to write a 1,000 word blog post the whole way through, but you can request to do the editing yourself or any of the other steps on your own if you wish.
– I charge additional for ghost-writing because it means that I, as a small writer, lose agency of my work in the public eye and also get no traffic coming to my site to grow myself in any way. If you do not pay the ghost writing fee, you are not allowed to share my work without credit. If you are a smaller publication without many funds/you are working for a good cause, I may consider waiving/lowering the fee. If you think you could apply for this, please just ask!
– I allow for two rounds of modifications for free. If you need more than two modifications on the post, I will charge $5 per edit.

I am willing to work with you through this process! Please just be patient and I think we can create great work together.

I do not allow returns on articles if you are unhappy, but I will do everything in my power to fix whatever problems you may have with the piece.