The Magic of Summer Skies

During June of 2022, I took a short mental break with my family and visited Cape Cod, Massachusetts. None of us are big vacation people or travelers, but all of us needed this time to be in a new space and to be with nature.

Throughout our stay, we saw many different sights, animals, flowers, people, and wonderful places. It was incredibly enjoyable, so I did my best to photograph my experience, to both help me remember it and also to try and improve at another one of my hobbies: photography.

I’ve been into taking photos since 2016 but have recently been using it as an extension of my most serious creative outlet, which is writing. However, I think there is something about the beauty of a photo which speaks for itself. During my time on the Cape, I wanted to truly spend the time to give my photos the opportunity to speak for themselves.

Please feel free to let me know if you enjoy!

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