Stranger Mystery

Eyes of a face
Intelligent, calculating, cold,
or kind
It varies with the owner
so much I don’t know
Emotions or experiences
Morals or cares
Because it’s a world unexplored
Poison gases or oxygen surface
I’m digging for answers
there are stranger mysteries.

Stories more than eyes can tell
Battles and wars fought in caves
cavities where the bombs hit

If it were different
could I have lived that war?
there are questions of stranger still

Like when the sun rises tomorrow
will they remember me
director of things and puller
of fate’s strings
Every mirror reflects my face Still
so much I don’t know

Dreaming of questions to ask
Wandering through the imaginary stars and stories
Drifting to destiny in wonder
if they could have written a better story
do I want to know?

Poetry and photography by Hazel J. Hall.

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