It’s a drowning, suffocating, horrible mess
Chaos in the unknown and beauty in the not knowing.
Look at how far we’ve come,
Wondering if this is what we meant when we started.

Days to dust, past, present, and future,
Strings tangled
More beautiful and yet infinitely complicated

Quicker than I would like
But time always wasted
Wondering if those dreams ever came true
Dreaming of stars
When they won’t ever know my name.

I’ll love you to my last page
Knowing I owe the Earth nothing
And dreaming of hands intertwined.
If I cannot reach the stars
Then make them look down
Dreaming of Earth
Past, present, and future
Beautiful and chaotic always

I’ll love you to my last page
Wondering if this was what you wanted when you started
When we started dreaming of all our stars.

Poetry and photography by Hazel J. Hall.

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