child of mercy

while the world withered she shone
wisps of fire spinning and sputtering
a light when all else fell quiet
somber and unforgiving
crushing and heavy
pressure endless against the glass walls of a bulb before it breaks

while the world withered she shone
everything her hand touched turned to gold
all fires sputtering and lights fading but her
who saw the darkness and grew beyond it
glowing despite its pressure
but never enough to stop a spirit

everything she touched turned to gold
glittering golden valleys and trees shining without Moon and Stars
glowing in spite of the weight
the shadows could not grow any darker
a bottom floor ladder
no where to go but forward
reaching out until everything was gold
no more cries in the dark
sobbing besides ashes hoping to see again
because while the world withered she shone
bringing them back home to fires ignited
to dry the tear tracks from their skin
and to telescopes perched
to help them find Sun again

a pixelated heart locket (decorative)

Original poetry and photography by Hazel J. Hall.

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