Immortality’s Binding

it seems we’re born only to die
and DEATH collects us
when he says we’re done
our mortal bodies bloodied and broken

we’re screaming crying kicking as we go
only wishing for
one more goodbye

DEATH comes as all things do when you are as finite
as us

when my clock has gone its last
and DEATH is collecting his dues
I will go
without a fight
with mercy and pity
knowing he has never see beauty

he keeps his job because it is so easy to be immortal
for existing is courageless
without living
without loving
like us

LIFE grows her children
and DEATH reaps them when he declares their time done

it seems we’re only born to die
and I know no one wants to reach the end
but wouldn’t it be the best way to end them all to simply say:
I lived a life
more than you will ever know?

it is us
mortal few
who live and die who know bravery
brave because we must say
and never know which word will be
the final one

we’re born to die
mortality is our final fate
not even DEATH has the courage to be like us

so when we must leave,
I’ll finally look DEATH in the eyes and say:
I lived
the one thing you will never know.

2 responses to “Immortality’s Binding”

  1. This gave me chills! I LOVE it. Wow, what profound perspective and wisdom you have. I appreciate your writing so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you enjoyed this piece! I had actually written it a few months ago and had never shared it with anyone so I’m really glad that I did and more glad that you liked it. Thanks again! 😀


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