Another year buried
with moments now memories and regret filling the air
And yet
hope lingers
Another year buried
Another year beyond
Caught between this place and that
Because I regret yesterday but look at the magic
I’ll make tomorrow

This year’s eulogy is strange
many lights come and gone
The death of old leading to us now
Keep going forward but fear
holds me back
Scared of tomorrow and today as it becomes the past

Another year buried
its eulogy strange
I’m ready to move on but what if it never changes
and it’s all the same?

Caught between this place and that
at least tomorrow I know I can control
what I’m scared of
even though I’m always
scared that another year will go by without me
being proud

“But just breathe because this isn’t the end.
This year is buried.
Next year you will dig to the center of the earth
and find gold
and grab stars.
Because tomorrow is always coming and beginning.”

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