Once They Were

Remember what we used to do
all those winding years ago
Dropping through the decades with no real thought
but only memory
Those days went by too fast
and today is slow too
Once they were real
not so much a memory
a shimmering glimmer of what was compared with what is
Broken to fixed
Remembered and forgotten
Once the candle was aflame
but today it is a waxy remnant of smells and places and things
Its fragrance still hints the air and I remember
hopes and dreams of days gone by
cold winter times that have come and left
dreary afternoons with no sun in sight
Once they were and once they have been
It is quick as it moves
Time is not delicate but oh is it wise
A beautiful reminder of the tomorrow I will become
the people that are living now
and the stories that were never told.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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