The Art of Song

Music, the form of art which transcends the human boundary of language and the gaps within our understanding. Music, preformed by birds in the wild and by us after years of practice. Music, the art which turns words unspoken into that which is ineffable for forever and always.

It is so unknown when a new song touches our ears and yet all music is composed of the same chords, the same notes on the same staff. That is the beauty of the song, the known within the unknown.

I could listen to music forever if only I had it my way. I could lose myself within the mystery of the song, wondering what note will come next, wondering what story I will hear today.

I have found that the most meaninful of visual stories, whether a movie or a video game, contain music so stylized and so perfect that it may speak of lives ten thousand years gone within just a single sound. Whether it’s a Legend of Zelda game or Into the Spiderverse or the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit triologies, the music within those piece’s invisible pages changes the landscape of the world through the fantasy of the song. For a little while, music can bring you, the listener, into a new universe.

The best of songs have the power to pull you from your desk chair and into a moonlit forest or a busy street square. The best of music comes from the heart. This is the wisdom of song — to transform memories of the heart and body into noise which exists above the human ideas of this and that but simply is and is simply beautiful.

At the heart of all music, there is a story, a story that you can only find if you let the meaning come to you, washing over you like the ocean gently as the sun sets over the ocean to the sound of quiet clarinets and a flute, narrating the twilight as it falls and the day ends.

Music, mortal beauty that will outlive human existence through nothing more than it’s glorious divinity. Through it’s heart, and through it’s ability to touch hearts, music remains the perpetual force within the gears of the unvierse.

If there is nothing that outlives us as a species when we humans are all gone, let music stay behind. So, in that way, whoever discovers the earth may know the grace of the song and let it touch their souls with beauty and love. And let them master it too, the art of the song. Let them know how to make beautiful music. For, if we as a human species have accomplished nothing, at least let the wonderous galaxies of the world know that we have made music.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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