Lost Love

Goodbye to those long-gone summer days I say
as rain pecks my bedroom window and welcomes fall along.
These blissful springs come and go, the world moves on
as the days spiral down, summer is gone.

It’s time to keep going, to accept that time is ticking
but I see the flowers wilting and I wish they could live another summer longer.
The butterflies are leaving this place,
they sense the cold creeping in, they’ve escaped to where the summer’s gone,
Taking with them the elusive lost love of the world.
The days spiral down and now summer is gone.

The winter world is not so familiar in its snow-covered gloom,
a sanctum of cold hearts that only know how to melt when the flowers grow back.
Water freezes in midair, icicles are become crystals in their caverns.
It’s dark out here, there are not hearts to spare.
Winter is here.
The days are changing, summer is a season I can no longer recognize in much
But cups of cocoa with floating marshmallows and fires
as they brew in the dark damp nights of winter.

The butterflies have gone and with them they stole
the lost love of the world. I wonder when it will return
Like it was once in the spring,
so that way these winter days are soon so filled with beauty
That I forget the summer ever left.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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