I won’t be sleeping for another nine years longer
With these loops running through my head
That drown me in the moonlight
With the times gone by
And worlds still destined to live and die.

Another midnight day of restless turning,
Of trying to sleep, but dreaming without a purpose.
The moon is up in the sky but think of everything I’ll miss
By closing my eyes,
Even if just for another moment longer.
It’s not that I don’t wish to dream, it’s that they elude me.

The day is long but the night is longer.
I’m tossing and turning for a midnight of forever.
The sky is yawning in the twilight now
But I’m still not ready to close my eyes
And miss more of this time
As my life goes by and worlds die.

Dawn will come soon, though not a moment before the night has worn on
And a new day has begun.
Without a moment of sleep, I will awaken with the morning sun,
A dreamer without dreams,
Exhausted without a break,
The insomniac.

When the morning comes,
I won’t be sleeping for another nine years longer.
My mind runs in knotted loops
But one day the threads will loosen
And I will fall into slumber.
For beautiful dreams
I will wait forever.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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