The time of the moon draws near
The sun declares its day done.
As light turns to dark I turn to the stars
They were once nothing but heart fire
But now look at you!

Do they control other minds as they climb into the sky
Or is it just mine?
Are they otherworldly or is it me who is out of place?
Look at those stars as they climb into the night
Beckoning owls and mice to start their clocks
As a brand new day begins.
Look at how you revive the forest
After the death brought on by the somber twilight song!
Look at how the world follows your command!
Look at you now!

When does dawn come?
I hope to never know
I am content to sit here in this midnight space.
Oh, how the starlight falls upon dew-covered moss
And dapples through the trees before the morning comes.

Every night I will stay awake
Just to watch the stars
And one day I will be able to say:
Look at me! From somewhere above the clouds.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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