Rainy Days

Youth is shattered like lightning
Cutting through the sky
And pouring down mourning tears.
The sky’s crying and I’m scared of being swept up in the flood.
I know they’re just going to suggest
That I grab an umbrella
But I’m sagging under all this weight.
I’m drowning from the pressure
And I know they say we’re all under the weather
But I don’t feel represented.
Even with all of their suggestions,
I’m still sinking.

Floating on an umbrella in the flood,
I’m going overboard.
I’m drowning so far out at sea,
So far away from my humanity.
There are no lighthouses left
To guide me

Where do I belong,
Where am I supposed to be?
It’s raining so hard.
My hands belong to ghosts.
In the reflected water,
My face can not be recognized,
Why am I here–in the flood?
Why have I survived?

Floating on an umbrella in the flood,
I took every suggestion,
I tried to survive,
But I’m crying my tears,
The ocean grows.
The umbrella was not enough–
The storm was just too much.
I drown in the downpour
Hoping to find something more,
Hoping to survive
For just another night.
But I’m still sinking.

There’s an umbrella in my grasp
But I’m slipping away without a hand to hold
Maybe we’re all under the weather,
But I’m not represented
And the only place I know myself
Is by the shore of the sea.
The ocean–
It is the only person I know
Who cries just like me.
When the sky rains down,
We drown together.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall.
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