The Resurrection Plant

The resurrection plant, also known as Selaginella lepidophylla, is plant commonly found within the desert. The resurrection plant is notable for its ability to survive without water for around seven years. Without water, the plant dries into a ball and looks like a small and tight tumbleweed. The green inside of the resurrection plant is only ever revealed when it is exposed to moisture once more.

I breathe my last
and then am brought back
by water’s graceful touch.
I travel by the breeze
from here to there
going all the way until I can’t anymore
stopped only by the little rocks by my side
and the bumps along the way.
The journey is no bother to me
for I will get where I want eventually
as the wind guides me to my place
following the tracks hewn
into the earth by my branches
many millennia ago.

I am the resurrection plant
to my life there is no end.
When every time I go to die
I am saved
by water’s touch.
I drift here and there
hurrying past people and faces and lives
I will only ever see once in my lifetime.

Their everything means so little.
What worry will it be today?
Is it running around or falling down
or fighting to be someone worth writing
home for?

Oh, what vain animals those people are!
Oh, how the faces and lives go by
without even a moment of time.
There is no singular truth for those silly things
willing to pass everything by
for just a moment of forever.

I am the resurrection plant;
I do not die.
I see this and there
and that crowd just right over there.
For eternity I will tumble
through the tracks in the earth
to only remember nothing
of those who would rather do anything
but just live a little.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay 

Poem and featured image all created by Hazel J. Hall. Images directly above were shot by congerdesign and Hans Braxmeier. Please support their art as well!
On a separate note, thank you everyone so much for the kind comments and love! I am very thankful towards everyone for supporting my blog as of late.

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