there is a calm brought by the birds
as they sing over the chaos of the world.
tomorrow is doomsday,
fate can not be stopped.
I sit by the cliffs over the sea,
listening to the little birdies sing for me.
it’s the end of the world
so let’s watch it burn together.

young finch, young sparrow,
young perfect little choir child,
what song will you sing today?
what sound will be my last today?

they call it seatherny,
the peace brought by the birds.
and even as life fades on,
I know nothing but calm.

they say the world ends tomorrow
so let’s watch it burn together
singing all the while
as everything goes little by little.

the sun rises on fate’s final day
and in the last stars I see their eyes,
the little birds from the coast and far-off trees.
young jay, young warbler,
the day will not be young forever.
it’s our last moments on this earth
so why don’t we sing a song together?

Photo of water across a wavy beach. Some of the sand is exposed and it is a light color in the sun. The water is very blue as it rolls out to sea.

Poem and photography all created by Hazel J. Hall.
Thank you everyone so much for the support! I am very thankful towards everyone for supporting my blog as of late.

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