Night in the Woods

At the time everyone dies
We find ourselves given one last
Night in the woods.

There are endless trees
Covered in ghost
And shadow.

Dark beings creep through the forest,
Finally having met with fate
In the woods.

Moonlight streams over the trees
Joined with the tears of the stars falling to earth
As the sun rises once more.

It is my last night in the woods,
And when the sun comes
I will be nothing more than memory.

I creep through the trees,
Knowing I will soon shake hands with Death.
This is not what my life was supposed to be.

The moon waves goodbye to the sun so faraway
And the stars disappear
As a new day begins.

I am in the forest,
Life having fled before my eyes,
As a ghost for the first time.

I am in the forest
Because it is the sanctuary
For those who pass their mortal lives by.

The ghosts,
Who had once been hiding behind the trees,
Step right over to me.

I recognize a little girl a few feet away.
She looks at my pale hands and whispers,
“You died.”

I look at my skin,
In death.

But I shake my head,
As I look back at the ghost,
With eyes of starlight.

“I lived.”

Check out this short song that I wrote! I composed the piece online and edited the audio from my software into this work. I hope that you enjoy it as I might start doing these more often!

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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