Lily of the Valley

Windswept flowers that spread like wildfire
Over fields of green.
Lily of the valley,
So beautiful and free
Without a tether to tie you here, there
Or anywhere.
Lily of the valley,
Freest as free can be.
There is so much pressure for us to be good
So why don’t we disappear for a while
And get lost in the woods?
Let us get lost for a while
A good long while
While you tell me about long-lived regret
And I teach you to accept
That the past has happened a long while ago.
And while you spend a lifetime despairing what was,
You will find that the world, too, has passed on by.
Let it not escape us any longer;
Let’s get lost in the woods,
Let’s take it all in.
Let’s become a plant or a tree.
Let’s take a moment to become lilies of the valley
Freest as free can be,
Filled with a beauty once unknown
To you and me.

A dianthus flower (pink), but in the background are green lily of the valleys, no flowers on them yet.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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2 responses to “Lily of the Valley”

  1. I love it thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment! I hope you have a fantastic day 🙂


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