Heart of the Forest

In my heart there’s something missing
This thing I can’t live without.
I’m a robot with no power
And as I wait to get better
I just can’t stop
reminicising the heart
I used to have.

In my chest there is this great cavity
A gap stolen from me
By a world without love,
Without hearts.
We are ghosts of
Different people,
Empty all the same

In the world there is tragedy,
Far beyond me,
But I have no words to describe.
Or rather emulate,
What I’m supposed to feel
When I watch empires fall
And people be buried by their brothers.

At the edge of the world,
They say there are trees,
Far beyond me.
Sometimes as I wait for my batteries to recharge
I say,
“One day I will get that far.”
“One day I will leave, I will depart
To places better than here.”

In my heart there’s something missing
A thing I can not find
I feel it gone,
Tearing through my body and ripping through me
It hurts so much
And yet
There is no pain
When your heart is but a cavity
Empty all the same.

One day,
I will run away to the heart of the forest
To find my soul again.

One day,
I will leave this place for the trees
For there is no heart here.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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