To All the Birds I’ve Ever Seen

To all the birds I’ve ever seen:
you look so pretty in the sky, just floating by,
with wings of orange and saffron,
bodies of golden brown.

To all the birds I’ve ever seen:
what would it take for me to be
a bird like you?

Photo of a hummingbird frozen in the middle of the air while it's drinking out of a flower.

I wish to go away from here
I would like to go away.
The sun shines softer
on birds like you.
I am a human
in a world
I do not wish to stay.

It looks so easy
to fly away from
it all
on wings like yours,
beauty perpetual,
and heart incarnate,
in the shape of one

Photo of a dark-eyed junco while it climbs up a thin wisteria branch with skinny little legs.  It is all puffed out in the cold.

If I became one of you,
we would play
in the morning sun
with dewdrops
in the grass
as the new day begins.

To all the birds I’ve ever seen:
you are all so pretty,
and I am consumed by your beauty,
and finally lost for words
after an eternity
of meaningless noise.

there is nothing more perfect
than a bird
like you.

Photo of a blue-and-gold macaw.  This photo is specifically a close up, and it shows just the head, and the green feathers near the top of its head, the yellow neck, and the blue wings and back.  It also has white skin with black streaks around its eyes.

Poem and photography by Hazel J. Hall
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